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Each year on our holiday cards, I try to do some version of our year in pictures.  Since it’s a little 5×7 card there’s not a ton of room to cram all of photos I’d like to share, so I have to edit pretty heavily.  Below sums up the prettier version of our 2014.  We got to go on some fun trips, see old friends and new, added a cousin to the family, and celebrated the engagement of my brother to the love of his life.  Now, before you think our year was filled with nothing but beautiful sunsets, lovely walks in the woods, homemade soup, and relaxing evenings by the fire, we also dealt with two broken bones (back-to-back), and survived a months-long home improvement project, during which our house looked like this: You know those HGTV episodes where the naive couple buys a house that needs some TLC, and they enter into the project with gusto and gumption and a “can do” attitude, only to run into absurd setbacks (rotten subflooring!  bats living in the ceiling of the garage!  support beams that aren’t actually supporting the weight of the house!).  Yep, that was us.  Times 100.  Sitting on the other side of this project, I can now look back and laugh.  And also say, I never ever want to move again.  Ever.

The bright side to this project is definitely the help and support we got from friends and family and neighbors.  From swinging a sledgehammer, to pulling up a bajillion nails in the old kitchen flooring, to spending literally days helping me paint all of the trim and doors in the house, we cannot believe how generous everyone was with their time and energy.  We love living in Madison for so many reasons, not the least of which is the incredible group of people we’ve been lucky enough to call our friends in the short time we’ve been here.

Needless to say, 2015 is looking to be filled with much less dust and heavy lifting, leaving us the mental and emotional space once again to plan and dream.  I have some exciting ideas brewing for warmer weather, and I hope that if you or someone you know is looking for photos this year, you’ll keep Liz Zorek Photography in mind.

Also, I have trips planned to Chicago and Austin in the spring and southern California in the summer, with sessions available in each place.  If you are interested in a session in one of these locations, please reach out and I will send you the details.  Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Mindi - Liz…your photos are so beautiful. I want to hear how you summarize your year with them…do you do a digital album? A printed album? Anything?

    You are such a beautiful writer, too. Love when you post. I hope to see you when you visit Austin in the spring! Hugs to the Wisconsin Z’s from the Texas Z’s!ReplyCancel

    • - Hi Mindi! Thanks so much for looking and commenting! I try to put everything in an album for the year and get it printed — an actual hard copy! — along with journal entries I’ve made (or tried to make!) through the year documenting all those little stories and details that I know I’ll forget by the same time next year. I usually order through Shutterfly since they make it so easy to keep things organized and usually have good discounts around the holidays. Would LOVE to see you in Austin — will send you our dates!ReplyCancel

I just sent a final proof of a holiday card to a client who wrote me this note back:  “I love you, like seriously love you! Is it okay to say that?  We are so very thankful!”  Her note brought tears to my eyes.  This is why I love this work so much — having the chance to get to know so many different families, watching their kids grow up, and having the chance to create beautiful images for them at every stage.  As I’m putting in my final orders for prints and holiday cards for the year, I feel filled up with gratitude for this work and the opportunity to keep growing.  Thank you to everyone who’s supported and encouraged me along the way!

This family, this location, this day.  So wonderful!  A couple of weeks ago, I drove down to the Chicago Botanic Garden for this shoot.  You wouldn’t know it from these pics, but the place was absolutely packed!  Give us Midwesterners a beautiful fall weekend and you will no doubt find us outside soaking it up.

While we were there, we had at least three different people stop and offer to take a photo of the five of us together.  Like, me in the picture with the family.  So funny!  They must have thought we were all related, those sweet Chicagoans.  I would happily join this fun family anytime!

I returned from my trip out west to find that fall is HERE in Madison!  So… I’m guessing we have about three to four weeks (if we’re lucky) for these pretty leaves to change into all of their glorious colors…and then blow away for the year.  And then we won’t even talk about what’s going to happen after that.  Because I think I’m still recovering from polar vortex #5.

Anyway!  If you’d like to schedule a session to take advantage of all the beauty happening right this very minute in this lovely town of ours, please contact me to discuss a date.  Holiday card time will be upon us quicker than we can say “where is my down coat and mittens.”

There seems to be a bit of a baby boom going on.  Between August and this past weekend, no less than eight babies have been born to parents whom I know personally.  Amazing!  I guess the insanely cold winter we had led to some extra close snuggling…!

One of these brand new babies is none other than my niece, born to my sister and brother-in-law last week.  Oh, what a lovebug!  My mom and I flew to Seattle the day after her birth to meet her and spoil my sister with love and reassurance and home cooked meals.  It’s always surprising to me how shockingly tiny newborns are.  Everything about them just seems so wee — fingers, toes, ears, chins, their whole bodies tucked up and swaddled.  We must have spent 50% of our time just staring at her little face and studying her teeny features while she slept in our arms.

When my oldest daughter Anna was born, we took her to her first pediatrician check-up on her fourth day, just as scheduled.  I sat down to wait to be called back, picked Anna up out of her carseat (legs crisscrossed and tucked up to her belly, hands in fists tucked up under her chin), and held her in my arms.  A nurse walking by stopped, put her hand on my shoulder and said, “this is your first, isn’t it?”  I looked up and said, “yes, why?”  She said, “I could tell by the way you were gazing at her.”

I smiled and went back to my baby gazing.  Nothing brings awe and wonderment like the sight of a newborn. Me and my sis, plus the happy family of three above.  Missing them so much this week.

  • Lacye - Gorgeous photos and such a precious little baby! I’m so happy for your family. This post brought happy tears to my eyes! Love!ReplyCancel

    • - Awww, Lacye! Thank you! We are all just in awe of this sweet baby, as you can imagine.ReplyCancel